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My Simple Life...

Thursday, February 28, 2008 - - 0 Comments

assalamualaikum for the muslim... hurm..whoever read this article..make sure you didn't make what i make.. firstly..thanks to my parent who bring me in this world..because of them,i meet all my friends..actually..i am not have work to do..its so i turn on the PC and typing this article.. i don't know why my life so sucks!!!..i think i don't have family i??hurm..most younger today is lucky..not me..why you hate me god!!!!.. about love..did you get the perfect love?..congrats to who get it.please take care of it.. me??..not yet..n..i think its too early to spoke about it..hurm..u think?? let me see..when did i meet a word "love" nice when that thing happen..but until when?? my first think about love is in my high school is "whoever get this feeling is really a jerk.."..haha..although i got to many girl friend,but it juz a friend..but my view about girl is change after i meet "LyN"..who is she??hehe..she was the first girl that says to me that she was attractive to me..i mean..with no attitude..not a good lookers..she was interested with me!!! funny..but the relationship just end up with just a simple friend..where i meet her??..of cause at national services (pLkN kEm pAgoH)..after i go to that mind is totally change..of cause not all..but still have a changers at myself.. what a nice memories..huhu.. hurm..after that meet,i meet a girl name "syuhadah" at form 6..haha..have a lot of..hurmm..what to say huh??..maybe bad or maybe good memories r..haha..why??..she almost control my life!!!! scary...lucky that the nightmare is happen only about 5 month..if not..sure i will get crazy..haha..what??..i'm crazy rite now??did i??..hurm..whatever..oh yes..i think what you think about me is definitely true..I'm crazy!!! see..speak for myself..try to kill myself..hate my dad 100%..want to do a impossible life is sucks!!!!!... hurm..when i go to IPTA(Poli jB)..i thought i will not go to the love world again..but i totally wrong..i meet a girl.."suE"..she was a good looking girl..kind..cute..and i her..why i say so..because..i think my life is not enough without her..hurm..i don't know why i love her..and she always ask me about it..maybe because her caring to me..or..always be at me if i got prob..that make me suit with each other...haha..i just i say before..tomorrow will not be the same like today..and clouds is not alway shine..sometime it will become dark and rain will do i..why you alway want to give me a test!!!!..i hate that..i really really hate u!!!!..i almost crazy about 3 month..maybe she was not my future wife..hurm..i don't know..sometimes i feel that this life is unfair..really unfair..but to spoke about fair..did i fair enough to myself???..huhu..its already 03:00AM..Malaysia mind is tired to eyes is hands got PC is keyboard almost broke..n i think let me go to sleep first..if god want we meet each other..HE have been waiting for it for a long time.. close your eyes if you miss me.........