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Fantasy Football

Sunday, September 6, 2009 - - 0 Comments

Dream It,Pick It & Win It!!..

Fantasy Football all visitors..
For those who know what is 'This' and who don't know 'this'..'this' is what i call "Fantasy Football"..a football die-hard-fan dream..
as u hear from astro sport(for those who didn't have astro on their house,its OK..because..they r no rules that say u must have astro to get in participate it),astro have create a game that offer u a big reward..the sponsor say that,who win this games,they will get RM50,000..and for your information..ITS TOTALLY FREE!!..
just log in this site, simply register your teams..
u can go for freelance or..if u want to fight againts ur fren,just create your own private league..for example..if u want to fight with me..this is my secret code(2219-263 = Harimau Malaya Jr.)..just copy and paste it on the private league..
orait guy/gurl,see you there..

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