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New year+resolutions..

Friday, January 7, 2011 - - 0 Comments

i don't know why in this suddenly..i remember my school..this morning..when i want to go to work..i pass away a school..hurm..looked at if i can go back to past..n learn hardly at school..owh..miss that time so we more regret bout that..we cannot be what we are..miss my english teacher very is not because she is pretty(ya..ya..i lie..she is damn hot ok..feel better..)..but..her teach me a good lesson..

       "zul(my nick at sdpb),belajarlah bahasa inggeris kalau nak masa depan awak cerah..bukan saya nak cakap yang subject lain tu tak penting..semua tu penting..cuma..english ni dapat menolong awak semasa awak memasuki alam pekerjaan..awak saya tengok ok..karangan classmate awak 1 muke surat je..ada tu..xsampai 1 muke pun..separuh je..awak..siap buleh buat novel..memang cerita awak tu merepek..dengan grammer lintang pukang..ayat bm jadi bi..tapi..xpe laa..awak still boleh jadikan cerita awak menarik untuk saya baca...saya percaya kalau awak berusaha lebih sikit..perbaiki grammer awak..xmustahil english tu dalam genggaman awak..xkan awak nak saya tulis besar2 guna dakwat merah..REPAIR YOUR GRAMMAR!!..kan nanti novel(my karangan..huhu..) awak jadi xcantik.." 

hurmmm..i she still teaching there?? is the 7th day of new not to late to wish u all hepy new year..and..this is my essay about my 2011 resolutions..dear teachers..please sign my essay..

                                          "MY 2011 RESOLUTIONS"

        today is 7th January time go by..i think,i'm getting older and older..i dont know what i want to write about my new year resolution..because..i will not happen..just same like previous years..hurm..2 days ago..i just took my car from workshop..aiyooyoo..amaa..apaa..RM1708??..what the hell..damn..i must drive carefully next time..aisey..i just feel like want to kick someone ass in that time...but..luckily..i got my friends tamed me and make me cool..thanks i drive fast?? could i meter are house rent..fuel..hp is hard..and now i know how my dad suffer for me when i was a kid..thanks dad..sometimes..GOD gives us see how we overcome me right laa kan..who ask me to drive fast like micheal shumacer??.. first 2011 resolutions is..i want to drive carefully in the i can make this possible??..dream like there are my father in that car..sit beside me..fuhh..i the reality..if he is really be at my side..the meter will maintain at 20 or 30 km/h..hahaha..thats was my 1st second resolution is..i want to clear all my debt..and..lately..i calculate all my is already at 1K..oh my gosh..what will i eat this me..huhu..damn..u r grown ups men..act like one laa..always crying like a baby..daddy..daddy..give me some money..huh..what a jerks..u create a problems..u settle it on ur own laa..until when u can show ur dad that u can live on ur own??..hurm..zack..zack..
      my next resolutions..which is..third i think..let see..what is my 3rd resolution huh??..oh dad told me to stop smoking!! cannot be me..this cannot be my 3rd 3rd resolution is..i want to spend out with my family and friends..(cam iklan digi laa plak..friends and family package..)..nah..that much better..i think..errr...could we just skip it to my 4th resolutions?? all my dearest friends and family..thanks a lot guys..without u..i will die instantly..huhu..
       my 5th resolution..i think..i am ready to make a serious relationship..i guess..urm..still not..lalalala..errrr..change 5th resolution is..i want to search..where i put my 4th 2011 all readers..thanks cause read my essay till the ends..appreciate that..and..see ya..-ends of my essays-..;p

                                                               ~THE END~

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